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Successful REHACARE 2018

At REHACARE 2018, which ended on Saturday, 29 September, after four days in Düsseldorf, innovations in the field of rehabilitation and care ensured full exhibition halls. 50,600 affected persons, their relatives and international industry experts were able to find out from the record number of 967 exhibitors from 42 countries about aids that enable people with disabilities and care needs to live a largely self-determined life in old age.


成功的REHACARE 2018 REHACARE 2018,於9月29日星期六結束,在杜塞爾多夫停留四天后,康復和護理領域的創新確保了完整的展廳。 50,600名受影響的人,他們的親屬和國際行業專家能夠從42個國家的967家參展商中找到關於幫助殘疾人和護理需求的老年人在很大程度上自我決定生活的記錄。


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