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User-Friendly Bed Design with Latest Patented Innovation

Enigma-Care Introduces Latest Patented Design

Enigma-care Introduces Patented “Back Decompression” Design for Medical Bed Frames, Reducing Pressure on the Back and Providing Enhanced Comfort to Minimize Bedsores and Abdominal Compression

[Taiwan, Taichung ] - Enigma-care, a leading manufacturer of medical bed frames, is proud to announce the introduction of a patented design aimed at reducing pressure on the back, providing a more comfortable mattress experience, and minimizing bedsores and abdominal compression.

The patented design, known as "Back Decompression," is widely utilized in Enigma-care's hospital bed series. It utilizes innovative technology to alleviate pressure during back elevation, offering patients a more comfortable sleeping experience and support while reducing the risk of bedsores. Additionally, this design also helps to alleviate the abdominal compression, providing a more comfortable sleeping environment.

The introduction of the "Back Decompression" patented design enhances the sleeping and resting environment for both hospital and home care settings, while minimizing the occurrence of bedsores, abdominal compression, and overall body pressure. Whether in a hospital or home care facility, patients and users can benefit from this innovative technology.

For more information about Enigma-care's medical bed series and the "Back Decompression" patented design, please visit their website https://www.enigma-care.com/

About Enigma-care:

Enigma-care is a leading manufacturer of medical bed frames, committed to providing medical equipment. They continuously innovate to offer patients and users a comfortable and high-quality use experience.

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