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Taiwan EXOP Exhibition Report

Date: October 5-7, 2023 Location: India

From October 5th to 7th, 2023, Taiwan once again makes its mark in India, hosting an eagerly anticipated exhibition to introduce high-quality Taiwanese products and technology to Indian and global audiences. This exhibition showcases Taiwan's innovation and excellence, offering visitors a chance to understand Taiwan while experiencing its warmth and expertise.


Featured Exhibitors


A globally renowned foam plastic manufacturing conglomerate has set up its own booth at the exhibition, presenting their latest achievements. Known for their exceptional technology and high-quality products, they will display cutting-edge plastic products, offering more choices for Indian and international customers.


In addition, Taiwan's Enigma-Care company will showcase their home electric medical beds. High-quality Chau Fu mattresses paired with precision-made electric medical beds provide increased comfort and convenience for those in need of care, attracting visitors from India and other countries.



This exhibition provides hands-on experiences with physical products, allowing visitors to personally feel the excellence of Taiwan's manufacturing. Whether touching high-quality Chau Fu products or trying out Enigma-Care's home electric medical beds, visitors can deeply experience Taiwan's technological prowess and innovation, helping friends from around the world gain a better understanding of Taiwan.


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