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YTK501 Reclining Three-Column Electric Medical Bed

Designed specifically for long-term bedridden patients

Enigma-Care is proud to present our latest innovative product - the Enigma-Care Reclining Three-Column Electric Medical Bed, designed specifically for long-term bedridden patients. This outstanding medical bed boasts multiple professional features, providing an unparalleled care experience for both patients and healthcare professionals.

CPR button for emergency rescue position.
Foot controller, one foot can control the overall lifting and tilting of the bed.
Handset controller, easy to operate the bed adjust to sitting posture/leg raising/back-foot linkage/lifting/left-right/front and rear tilting, effectively saving manpower.

Three Column Design
The bed can be tilted to the left/right 15° through the hand-held remote control, making it easier for the nurse to assist the patient to turn over,Move the joints of the limbs, clean the body, and avoid diseases such as ulcers and skin allergies caused by lying down for a long time

  • Bed overall size:228.6cm(L) x 98.4cm(W) x 89.7cm(H)
  • Bed size:195.7cm(L) x 85.5cm(W)
  • Bed height:50-85cm(H)
  • Suitable mattress size:192cm(L) x 87cm(W) x 10cm(H)
  • Bed weight:152KG
  • Maximum load:220KG
  • Left and right tilt maximum:185KG