Sometimes you have to stay in bed whether you want to or not. This overbed table will make it easier.This table top makes it easier to eat, use your computer, do crafts and anything else you might want to do while you rest and recover. When you're done with it, this table folds flat to fit under a bed or in a closet.

A variety of ways to use, lying on the sofa, sitting on the side of the bed or on the bed can be used
Sitting-Posture On Bed Standing Posture

Product Details

C-shaped base, accessible to wheelchair users
Polypropylene, it possesses good
fatigue resistance, good impact
strength and high flexural strength.
Gas Assisted Lift Mechanism and
Stepless Height Adjustment to ensure
avoiding an accident and a noise
Groove for mobile
Desktop load : 25 KG
  • Dimensions 80cm(L) x 45cm(W)
  • Groove for mobile 30cm(L)x19cm(W)x1.4cm(H)
  • Height adjustable range 79cm to 114cm
  • foldable, height-adjustable, brake universal wheel
  • High quality powder coated steel frame
  • Gas spring lift mechanism
  • One-touch height adjustment
  • Wide C shaped base frame ideal to use with lift chairs
  • Two lockable castors
  • Desktop load (average placement) : 25 KG
  • Waterproof desktop
  • Product features: foldable, height-adjustable, brake universal wheel